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Moe Zomorodi, Ph.D 
President of Plastics Doctors Inc.
Extensive practical experience and superior academic credentials in all aspects of technical and executive program management, manufacturing/operation, plastics engineering/manufacturing and product development with emphasis on
  • Polymeric Design and Development, 
  • Material Analysis, 
  • Root Cause Analysis, 
  • Project Management, 
  • Technology Development and Marketing Analysis, 
  • Customer/Supplier Interaction, 
  • Staff Administration, 
  • Medical Device product and Process Development, 
  • Thermoplastics Tooling & Processes Development, 
  • Budgeting/Scheduling, 
  • Technical Instruction, 
  • Method Improvement,
  • Product and Process Validation, 
  • Complaint and CAPA Projects,
  • Quality Improvement.
About Plastics Doctors Inc.
Established in 2007, Moe Zomorodi has worked over 40 years in the Medical Device industry recognized as being a leading authority in plastics engineering and consulting. Dr. Zomorodi has decades of hands-on plastic materials, manufacturing, design, and plastic failure analysis expertise. 

Having personally visited and worked onsite at more than +100 plastic manufacturing facilities throughout the country, from medical plastic parts smaller than the eye can see to parts so large, no human can possibly maneuver, he is noted for both his general polymeric plastic knowledge and expertise, and widely held as the leading authority with regards to his plastic manufacturing expertise, including micro-molding, gas assist, thermoset, extrusion, film, to name a few.

Furthermore, his broad based plastics knowledge and experience, professionalism, coupled with his ability to convey highly technical data in a manner both the layman and professional can appreciate.
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